Sprecherin KAJA SESTERHENN mit eigenem Studio


Seit 1998 bin ich Schauspielerin und Puppenspielerin
Seit 2009 professionelle Sprecherin mit eigenem Studio.
Ich gebe Ihren Projekten den richtigen Ton 🙂

Welcome to my website!

I´m  a theatre actress and puppeteer since 1998.

I provide professional voice over services and dubbing in german and french since 2009.
My clients appreciate the fast turnaround and the excellent audio quality of my recordings.



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Demo samples

Listen to my voice samples:


SOKO Gartenschläfer BUND Deutschland



for international IVR or phone messages, check my profile at voices.be 


Meine Tochter Johanna ist 11 Jahre alt und spricht auch gerne 🙂



recording booth

Macbook Pro

Logic Pro X, ProTools

AT4050, TLM 103

SPL Channel One

Apollo Twin X

SOURCE CONNECT Standard: kaja_s


Live-direction via Session Link Pro or Skype (Joie1507)


Fast turnaround

Don´t hesitate to contact me for a custom demo sample and quote for your project!

I also offer translation services english-german and french-german.